Leadership + Support: Socially Engaged

The corporate team at Browns Restaurant Group understands that a great Franchise operation requires more than “support.” Strong leadership, coaching and communication are also critical to success, so we take a “partnership approach” to working with our Franchise Owner-Operators. By listening, guiding, acknowledging, sharing, and always being curious about best practices in the field, we stay ahead of the curve to ensure that our Franchisees’ evolving needs are continually and pro-actively met.

The creative side of our business is Scotty Morison’s sandbox. As he says, “If the senses are involved, then I’m involved.” Our veteran team supports Scotty by “feeding him” (pun intended) ideas for consideration while executing on his creative vision in many ways:

Social Development

Employee training and development is fundamental to our operations strategy, and that’s why we offer a range of formalized training programs at every level. We know that we need to grow our people to grow our system, and that’s why our franchisees return for training upgrades at least annually.

A key brand development tool is our internal audit system. Proprietary to Browns Restaurant Group, it measures key performance indicators to enable spectacular results. Working closely with franchisees, our field operations managers use the audit process as an opportunity to explore and share “Teachable Moments”, in a collaborative, 2-way manner.


Results from every single Socialhouse are monitored on a weekly basis by franchise owners and reviewed by corporate management to ensure sales, food cost and labour targets are met or surpassed. Immediate follow-up is initiated by our operations team if results are not within expectations.


Coming soon…


Coming Soon…

And More

This is just a sneak peek into the amazing support + Corporate Team we’re building over here at Browns Restaurant Group. Our system is designed to help our savvy group of Franchisees become better and better at doing what they already do very well: provide “WOW” experiences to Guests!



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