We are uniquely social.

Browns Socialhouse is designed to be highly competitive in smaller urban and suburban markets. We’re big and aspirational enough to appeal to dedicated urbanites, yet small and “familiar” enough to ensure everyone feels welcome. We have a “secret formula” and below you’ll get a sneak peek.

Our main competitive advantages include:

1. Site Placement: Because of our smaller footprint a Browns Socialhouse can pop up in places where many other brands simply won’t fit. Being smaller, we can target “A” locations without the burden of a huge rental factor.

For guests, Browns’ smaller footprint provides for a much warmer overall experience. How many people would rather see a band play in a stadium than a club? Exactly. At Browns, our guests and team members come together and are all part of the action. This makes for a truly social eating, drinking and working experience!

2. Efficiency: Our building and up-keep costs stay relatively low because of Browns’ smaller footprint and the fact that our Socialhouses are efficiently designed to require less staff (which lowers labour costs).

3. Kitchen & Menu: Regular menu updates keep our offerings fresh while ensuring solid margins for franchisees and excellent perceived value for guests. Our Culinary Mission is to produce great-looking menu items with delicious, approachable flavour profiles that can be prepared consistently and cost-effectively across the system. Our Chef’s embrace the role of “part menu developer” and “part quality controller” and they’re constantly tasting, testing and re-evaluating current menu items for quality, consistency and guest acceptance.

4. Bar & Lounge: Central to the Socialhouse concept is a signature bar that brings life and energy to the entire operation. Our great selection of drinks delivers great value to guests. As with our Menu Program, drink pricing is set aggressively to enable financial targets.

5. Owner-Operator Focus: We ensure every Socialhouse we open is owned and operated by someone dedicated to the community it serves. We are able to deliver excellent product and service required to provide a “WOW Experience” to our guests, each and every time.

Using sophisticated systems and partnering with savvy Franchisees, Browns Restaurant Group successfully competes with independent restaurants and larger chains in local markets.

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Watch and see how our Franchisees at Browns Lonsdale and Lynn Valley “define” Socialhouse

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