We are thrilled to announce that Browns Restaurant Group is the recipient of the CFA’s Award of Excellence for Traditional/New + Emerging Franchises!



We keep things simple. That’s a big part of our business model. It’s why we use a one-page menu. It’s why we stick to a “4-Walls” philosophy when it comes to building the Brand in local communities. It’s why our Culinary Development Program focuses on recipes with broad appeal, not “niche” menu items. And it’s why we use similar design elements in all Socialhouses.

We don’t try to “re-invent the wheel.” But we do “change the tires!”

To quote our founder, Scotty Morison, “there’s no finish line.” As simple as it might seem on the surface, we tweak and evolve our core menu constantly, offering Guests a year-round, rotating Feature Meal Program. We also strive to finish each Socialhouse in a unique manner that suits the local marketplace. And we’re continually seizing opportunities to share best practices across the system – ever-improving what we do, and how we do it.

We could go on and on about Operating Platforms, Training Modules, Management Tools, Checklists…and more.  The list is long, but that’s for later, once a Browns Socialhouse Franchise has been awarded. To capture it all, we refer to these tools (and more) as “Browns in a Box.” But that’s not to say we don’t think “outside the box” every day. The system allows us to, because it’s tight, constantly tested…and totally geared for continuous improvement. By Being Social as a team and with our Franchisees, we are forever sharing, learning and staying ahead of the curve…together.


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